It is important that you can be your true self in the space we co-create and that you feel seen and heard to ensure that the therapeutic work we engage in is safe and manageable.  


I strive to create a warm, empathic space, utilizing multiple approaches to create a truly customized care plan for your therapeutic needs and goals. My approach can also be straight-forward, and I like to utilize humor where appropriate.  I draw from various theories and therapeutic modalities while considering the context in which you are in.  What this means is looking at the bigger picture and considering: societal influences, privilege(s), systemic barriers, and other factors that influence (directly and indirectly) your wellness.   

Lauren Gaudet, BA MSW RSW

Evidence Based Practice & Practice Based Evidence Continued 

Clear Eyes


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing 'EMDR' is an evidenced-based practice that is effective for treating symptoms of distress and trauma.  EMDR is more body based and is different from traditional talk therapy.



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 'CBT' is an evidenced-based talk therapy that focuses on how you think and feel using practical tools to learn how to cope with unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns.

Therapy Session
Meditating by the Pool


Mindfulness is an ancient practice that focuses on being in the here-and-now.  Mindfulness invites you to be fully present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations non-judgmentally.


Person Centered

Everyone can benefit from counselling.  I'm here to meet you exactly where you are at, to honor who you are, and to support your therapeutic journey with respect, empathy, confidentiality, and warmth. 

Happy Couple

Online Counselling

Online counselling uses secure video software using JaneApp. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all counselling appointments will be held online.