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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Here you are.

Let's celebrate that you are exploring counselling and the possibilities of doing therapeutic work!

Whether you decide to do short-term counselling or long-term, the impact it can have on your life is significant. Most clients will tell you that they walk away with more than a "tool" or two--although if that's just what you are looking for, that's absolutely great too! Some clients will tell you as important as tools are, often it's the personal journey of reflection, exploring, healing, and expansion of the self as well as within interpersonal relationships that is the most meaningful.

Sometimes, you just need someone to listen--without judgment and with full acceptance of you. Having someone to witness your story, and hold a confidential and caring space for you.

You get to decide what you want out of counselling.


Lauren Gaudet is a Registered Social Worker and Counsellor who works at Lauren Gaudet Counselling (Phronesis Counselling and Social Services) in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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